Debate Society

Day / Time:
MONDAY : 1515 - 1815 HRS

THURSDAY : 1515 - 1815 HRS

The Debate Society, formerly a special interest group, is a newly-established CCA in 2017. The CCA aims to develop student-debaters who are able to think critically and speak skilfully.

Our Vision
Every Kent Ridgean Debater possessing poise with persuasiveness, wit with wisdom, and grace with generosity.

Our Mission
To develop and instil a sense of critical appreciation and passion for debate. To hone students’ oratorical and critical thinking skills, while inculcating in them a sensitivity towards global issues.

Our Activities

  • We train our students in the art of debating, focusing on the domains of research, speech, and working in a team.
  • We take part in debate competitions such as the Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championships.

Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championships

  • 2017: Semi-finalists (Division 2)
    Top breaking team, 2nd and 12th Overall Best Speakers
  • 2016: Quarter-finalists (Division 2)
    Top breaking team, 2nd Overall Best Speaker
  • 2015: Champions (Division 3)
    Grand Finals Best Speaker, 10th and 15th Overall Best Speakers
  • 2014: Champions (Division 3)
    4th, 15th and 17th Overall Best Speakers

Speak Ventures Debating Championships

  • 2017: Best Speaker, 10th and 12th Overall Best Speakers (Silver division)

Raffles Debate Academy Under-14 Debating Championship

  • 2016: 1st Runner-Up (Silver Division)

Youth Debate Open

  • 2014: Champions (Silver Division)
    Grand Finals Best Speaker

Teachers-in- charge:
Ms Nicole Heng
Mr Lok Sin Min
Ms Oh Wen-Ci

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