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CCA (Basketball) Overseas Exchange Programme 2019

We had a great time painting coconut shells, understanding how batik cloths were created and tasting local mango teas, local delicacies and drinks made from cocoa fruit.

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Overseas Service Learning Trip To Chiangmai, Thailand 2019

Day 2 @ Ban Noi Primary school! Kent Ridgeans engaged 4 different classes of 100 students and gave their best throughout 4 teaching shifts!

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Secondary 2NT Overseas Trip To Malacca, Malaysia

During the kampung visit to Kampung Parit Penghulu, it was quite fun and meaningful because I get to learn something new, get to see wildlife in the kampung, to interact with people in the kampung and tried playing kampung games. Furthermore we got to make ‘ondeh ondeh’, baskets, and  ‘ketupat’.

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