The Kent Ridge Secondary School Parent Support Group (PSG) was started in January 2004 to partner parents in the organisation of school programmes and activities to support the holistic development of students, as parents avail their expertise and resources in support of the school.

PSG Objectives

  1. Provide a link between parents, staff and students of Kent Ridge Secondary.
  1. Support the principal and staff in carrying out projects that benefit students and the school.
  1. Assist the school to realise its strategic plan.



Circle Represents Family and School

People Represents Working hand-in-hand as a community

Yellow Flame Represents Passion, Enthusiasm & Perseverance (KRSS symbol)

3 Red Hearts Represents Parents, Teachers and Students


PSG Activities

Each year, our PSG committee plans a list of initiatives on programmes and activities for parents, students and teachers to complement the school’s curriculum with the aim not just to enrich the teenager’s school days but also to build a close rapport amongst teachers and parents in the process of the partnership.

Areas of involvement include reaching out to the community through Values-In-Action (VIA) projects, as well as supporting the school at the Entrepreneurship Fair, Careers’ Talk and Night Study Programme.  The Graduation Night 2019 for the graduating students also received an excellent feedback from students, teachers and parents.

The PSG Exco members meet once a month to plan and discuss progress of projects. PSG members will be notified via email for these meetings.

To contact us, please write to