KRSS Parent Support Group

Formed in January 2004, the KRSS PSG has the following objectives:

  1. To be partners in education with the school to enhance the holistic development of our children and
  2. To tap on the expertise and resources of parents to assist in organizing/ supporting school programmes and activities.


The PSG is a long term collaborative partnership to support the holistic development of the students. It is an avenue for parent volunteers to show their support for school programmes. The School Principal, the PSG coordinator liaise with the PSG Executive Committee members to engage other parents in activities such as fund raising, programme support and showing appreciation to teachers. The monthly meetings allow for the dissemination of information, discussion and review of plans in support of the school programmes eg. parent volunteers for KR Hands-on Day, Teachers’ Day Appreciation Lunch, Prom Night, Career Talks, sponsorship of the Staff Vision Awards etc. the PSG’s promotion of its activities and recruitment of members is carried out during PTIs, Open House, Breakfast with Principal sessions and Sec 1 Registration.

PSG Activities in 2016:

  1. Parent Volunteers for KR Hands-on Day 2019
  2. Parent Bonding session through Lo-Hei
  3. Chinese Reading Support Programme
  4. Support in preparation for Lower Sec Food & Consumer Education test
  5. Participation in Entrepreneurship Fair 2019 through setting up stall and Ice Bucket Challenge
  6. Organisation of Family Day
  7. Recommending speakers for Careers Talk 2019
  8. Participation in Kent Ridge Olympics 2019
  9. Providing refreshments for School’s Night Study Programme
  10. Teachers’ Day Appreciation Tea
  11. Prom Night 2019