I welcome you into our Kent Ridge family as you begin your journey to discover who you are in the next few years that you are with us. Our school is committed to providing you a student-centric, values-driven education that will prepare you for the challenges of the 21st century. We will nurture your Heart, ignite your Passion and strengthen your Will to become Men and Women of exemplary character. Pay close attention to our school vision: Heart of a Saint, Passion of an Inventor and Will of an Olympian. We believe this compelling vision will motivate you to involve yourself fully in the life of the school and prepare yourself for what is to come. The future is going to be vastly different from what you are currently experiencing and it will be a future that no one can predict with certainty. Hence, it is important that you acquire not just knowledge and skills but also develop your character by cultivating values and attitudes that will stand you in good stead wherever you are.

Our theme for 2020 is, Leaders of Character and Leaders of Learning.

As Leaders of Character, we would like you to be exemplary role models in word and deed. Be gracious citizens who are honest, responsible and respectful. Show care to your peers, teachers and members of the KR community. Be willing to serve the community and be proud members of the Kent Ridge family and the nation. In the face of challenges be resilient, determined and never give up. Learn to work well in teams and be exemplary student leaders who demonstrate Fitness, Integrity, Respect and Excellence.

As Leaders of Learning, enjoy your learning and embrace lifelong learning. Be fully engaged in your curricular and co-curricular pursuits and experience progress and success. Be enterprising and have the desire to take on new challenges. Be open to new ways of learning and not be afraid of asking questions or making mistakes. Be confident in sharing your ideas and thoughts and seek to develop yourself holistically. Enjoy the myriad of programmes that school provides and always be passionate to develop yourself fully.

Be guided by the key attributes of our Vision - Heart, Passion and Will. Give your best in all your endeavours and success will be yours! I am positive that you will be confident, creative and daring and thrive in the face of challenges that come your way. I am positive that you will work with the School and your parents to become exemplary individuals who are gracious, passionate and resilient.

Let us take Kent Ridge Secondary to the next level.

Beyond Frontiers!

Benedict Keh