On 27 April 2016, we invited our community partners from PAP Community Foundation (PCF) Kindergarten for our Upper Secondary Elective Module showcase. Over the course of 7 weeks, our Normal Technical (NT) students gained knowledge and exposure from 3 modules; Junior Chef and Molecular Gastronomy, F1 Engineering and Sports Science and Management.

This will help them to make better career choices in the future. Culminating in the showcase, our NT students taught the children from PCF Kindergarten how to decorate their own cupcakes (Junior Chef), race model F1 cars (F1 Engineering) and took part in simple physical activities and game (Sports Science).

Our NT students had a meaningful time transferring their learning from the Elective Modules through organising fun activities for the special guests. The kindergarten children had an equally engaged time interacting with our NT students and learning under the tutelage of their older brothers and sisters.