Kent Ridge Secondary School will offer DSA to eligible students via Floorball, Badminton and Basketball. This is in line with our Learning for Life Programme which harnesses the philosophy of Olympism to develop our students through the interaction of mind, body and will.


Floorball is an indoor sport that requires speed, agility, fitness and teamwork. It is an exciting sport to play due to its speed and variability.

KR Floorball started in 2008 with a humble cohort of 36 enthusiastic students, all of whom have little or no background in the sport. However, the CCA gradually grew in strength over the years and we have now a total of 100 students. The Floorball has now begun to be recognized as a formidable team in the tournament with several current students and alumni representing in external clubs.

The CCA-Floorball programme has proven to be an effective way to help our students develop personal qualities such as teamwork, self-discipline and leadership skills. Both our boys’ and girls’ teams compete in the National ‘B’ and ‘C’ Division competitions. Our players are trained by professional coaches, supported by a strong group of dedicated alumni, who are passionate about raising the standard of the sport in the school.




  • Girls – 2nd placing for SFA ‘B’ Division Floorball Competition (Plate Category)


  • Boys – 3rd placing for SFA ‘B’ Division Competition
  • Girls – National ‘B’ Division Floorball Competition – National Top 12


  • Boys – 1st placing for SFA ‘B’ Div Floorball Competition (Bowl Category)
  • Girls – 4th placing for SFA ‘B’ Div Floorball Competition (Bowl Category)


Training Programmes

1. Elementary Training Programme

This programme introduces the students to the basic Floorball methodology, e.g. principles and skills to dribble, pass, shoot and defend, as well as fitness training to improve stamina and footwork.

Additional training sessions are organised in preparation for competitions. Regular friendly matches are also arranged to help our players to gain more game experience. The school supports students who are keen on participating in external 3v3 competitions to give them further exposure to the sport.

Training Frequency: 2 sessions (3 hours each) per week on Monday and Thursday

2. Advanced Training Programme

This programme is customised specifically for competitive Floorball players, with a focus to sharpen techniques and skills, as well as game play strategies, fitness and mental preparedness.


Selection Process

After processing the application forms and documents, shortlisted DSA applicants will be notified of the dates of the trials and interviews by post or email.

Phase 1 – Application and Trials

1. Shortlisted applicants will be invited for a selection trial.

2. The Floorball selection trial will consist of the following:

  • Speed Assessment
  • Agility Assessment
  • Technical Skills Assessment
  • Game Situation Skills Assessment

3. Each applicant will be assessed by a panel of teacher(s) and coach(es) with a set of rubrics. The rubrics for assessment are the same for all applicants.

4. Applicants’ scores are tabulated and those that meet the school’s requirements will advance to the next phase.

Phase 2 – Interview

1. Shortlisted applicants will be notified by post or email to attend an interview.

2. The applicant’s suitability and aptitude will be assessed by a panel of teachers and coaches.

Contact Persons
DSA - Sports and Games (Floorball): Mr Jitendra Bhilare
Email: jitendra_khashaba_bhilare@schools.gov.sg

HOD PE/CCA: Mr Vincent Heng
Email: heng_swee_chye_vincent@schools.gov.sg

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Tel: 67731127
Fax: 67735119
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