It was more than a regular Friday for Kent Ridgeans as staff and students made their way to the Jurong East Sports Centre. Teams from different houses were pitted against each other as their friends and teachers cheered them on. Our friends from MINDS Lee Khong Chian Gardens School made our day more meaningful as they participated in a telematch with student volunteers. Parents from the PSG and teachers engaged in a friendly  game of Captain’s Ball with the parents giving our teachers a run for their money and emerging victorious. The mascot and cheer competitions made the day more festive and lively as well. It was indeed a day when we saw a fantastic display of Friendship, Respect and Excellence.

Heartiest congratulations to the Orion House for clinching the prize for the Best Mascot; Auriga House for emerging first in the cheer competition and to the new Champion House, Cassiopeia House! Well done, Kent Ridgeans!

A big shout-out to the PE Department Teachers and Sports Leaders who were the brains and muscles behind this successful event.